• LifeAfterEggs

    What do you guys think about gun control in this situation? Do you think that if we had stricter weapon control nationally, stuff like this would be less common? Or do you think it would happen regardless?

    • eikonoklastes (edited 5 years ago)

      Well, the weapons used in the recent shooting were all obtained legally. I'd say it's more about better enforcement of the existing rules - but even then those are extremes you just can't account for, regardless of how much or little you enforce. People with the intent will always be able to get weapons illegally or make something destructive at home. You can obtain guns and then snap later, bypassed everything. If it's not guns then it's a canister of chlorine or a supersoaker with acid or a makeshift flamethrower, that stuff has all been done. People will find ways.

    • Neurobomber

      Yeah if we didn't have guns they could just make assault rifles out of spare parts lying around the house.