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Published 7 years ago by AdelleChattre with 4 Comments

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  • drunkenninja

    But Mr Kang sees it very differently. They're athletes, he argues, and injuries happen.

    Wait what? I work at a computer a lot, does it make me an athlete?

    • Moderator

      Haha. I guess we can call them athletes in that they compete at a professional level and wrack their brains, and there is at least a basic physical element to it. They train like crazy, as well.

      It's definitely more of a loose definition but I give them props for their hard work. Maybe in a similar vein would be mathletes, competing chefs, etc.

      • drunkenninja

        I guess it does make sense, they are exercising the crap out of a certain part of their body.

  • spacepopper

    I have a mild case of carpal tunnel, soo injuries do happen!

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