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Published 6 years ago by AdelleChattre with 6 Comments

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  • i208khonsu

    I rather despise this focus on Pao that a lot of reporting is focused on. The real problem are the volunteer mods that censor with an agenda. The problem with Pao is that she's focusing on image instead of developing tools for users to protect themselves and softer tools for moderators to regulate the conversation.

    • drunkenninja

      Exactly this! Instead of improving the platform, they are "improving" their ban tactics.

  • RoamingGnome (edited 6 years ago)

    Shit rolls downhill. She is a shit CEO and a shit human being, and she is destroying Reddit with her shit policies.

    Edit- I just watched Jon Oliver's segment regarding online harassment. Now I almost feel guilty for my comment. Almost.

    • walrusistheme

      I watched that, noticed that it was nearly halfway downvoted on youtube, and was super surprised when I didn't see her featured during the segment. Even though she seems pretty skeevy as a leader and human, the amount of hate that she got seems to have set a milestone in internet flaming.

  • Appaloosa

    "We knew there would be a small but vocal minority opposed to it, but we believed it was the right thing to do," Reddit said in a statement to NBC News.

    Uh huh

  • SciK

    We created these anti-harassment policies because our ultimate goal is to encourage authentic conversations and idea

    Yeah, and that’s the way to go… shut off opinions that diverge from yours.

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