• BuckFuddie

    I don't think it was an issue of doubt. Tsipras seemed to be looking for another bargaining chip. If the majority says 'no' to proposed changes, then Tsipras is in a better position to say 'no' and hope there will be further discussion.

    • KingAztek

      The problem is that the rest of Europe has already stated that a 'no' on the referendum wouldn't lead to a stronger hand for Greece at the negotiating table. I believe that Greece will like fall out of the Eurozone

      • wekjak

        That's not really an unintended consequence for many who voted "no" in the referendum. They argue that that's exactly what Greece needs: exit from the Eurozone and print their own undervalued currency. It means some seriously tough times ahead, but it gives them a chance to grow their economy because their export and tourism industries will be far more competitive.