• leweb

    Wow these guys really believed some crazy shit:

    Central to the Nazis’ mystical beliefs was World Ice Theory, propounded in the 1912 book Glacial Cosmogony by Hanns Hörbiger. This held that white ‘Aryan’ man was not descended from the apes, as were other inferior races, but rather came from ‘divine sperma’ brought to earth by meteors. These developed into the godlike Supermen of the ancient civilisation of Atlantis

    I was going to say that they lost simply because they were stupid and attacked Stalin before taking over Britain, but it seems they were way more stupid than that.

    • AdelleChattre

      The story goes that while in Occupied Paris, a Nazi officer was ordered to befriend Pablo Picasso. Visiting him in his studio, the officer saw a draft of Guernica and, dumbstruck, asked Picasso if he had done this. To which Picasso snapped back, “No, you have!”