• Insainment (edited 4 years ago)

    @AdelleChattre @Appaloosa The pictures were "half-meant" as jokes, I just grabbed a couple. I think people need to get thicker skin though, Roseanne isn't racist and her comment might not have been the nicest or smartest thing to say, but it's not blatantly racist either unless you're one of those people that think anything referring to monkeys is racist. Jarret is half-black btw, does that change anything as far as saying she looks like character from Planet of the Apes? This is just stupid to me, blown way out-of-proportion, and shouldn't cause people with no history of racism to be immediately labelled, ridiculed, fired, and judged. *I'm not some Jarret hater or Roseanne lover and I'm second generation Portuguese so I have no dog in the fight, just an unbiased opinion.