• Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

    I'm all for technological progress and I think that the current internet is just the tip of the iceberg of what has yet to come. I also think that a decentralized internet is the answer to a corporate claim of the networks, because at the moment we are being pushed to a conglomerate blob of commerce, which stifles or even stops progression. New or newer ideas get bought up and end in a drawer or, at most, gets separated and re-assembled in some sort of digital Frankenstein with the sole purpose to generate profit.

    The early internet had succes because of its' openess and somewhat unregulated creation of content. It challenged common people to be creative within the constraints of coding languages, bandwidth and processing power. It is the same with a metaverse, although the constraints are now determined by several companies that have no openess in mind, let alone an unregulated form of creativity. The main goal is commerce, not expression or a drive to progression.

    The biggest advancements of a metaverse will be when quantum-technology is better developed and commonly available or even open sourced, like HTML, PHP, MySQL are open source and freely to use for everyone. Again, it's an idea, but combine quantum-technology with decentralisation and open source and the worms are out of the can, which is my hope (or electric dream?). It's from chaos and somewhat unorganized developments that progress arises, not from overly controlled (and sucked dry to the bone for commerce) "enhancements".

    Back to my coffee and cigarette. And later on easel, because, for now, the only metaverse I will know is made with paint, canvas and loud music. :-)