• kxh

    This is really not a good thing. It's an expectation of bad times ahead.

    • Appaloosa

      Totally agree. It is totally worthless and a complete trap.

      • kxh

        Money, itself is a construct we make. It is worthless by itself. As Alan Watt said, "you can't eat it". It is only worth the trust we put in it. Cryptocurrency is just a different form of money. It doesn't rely on trust in government or banks, but trust in mathematics. Some people trust it. As long as enough people trust it and the technology is still there to access it, it should keep some value. Just like as long as enough people trust in the US dollar it should keep some value.

        Buying cash, or gold or cryptocurrency is what people do when they don't trust putting their money anywhere else. Currency doesn't grow like shares, or contribute to the economy, it just may not tank as fast as other assets.