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  • 4 years ago
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    New online text-based zombie MMORPG Zapoco

    Hey everyone, my name is Tom, and I'm the creator for the MMORPG called Zapoco. A text-based MMORPG, set in a zombie apocalyptic setting where you can train, scavenge, fight other players, join safehouses, trade and do a bunch of other cool stuff. I've been working incredibly hard over the past few months on this, and am very proud of what I've been able to accomplish with it, and I hope for some of you to be able to play it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! I'll a...

  • 4 years ago
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  • 4 years ago
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    I made a free text-based zombie survival browser game

    A popular free online multiplayer text based game where you compete against to become one of the strongest players in the zombie apocalyptic city.