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Published 7 years ago by wildcat with 8 Comments
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  • bogdan

    As a person living in Eastern Europe, I can safely say that this is only the 100th time when we are caught in the middle of the cross-fire conflict between USA + Western Europe and Russia. Is our acceptance of foreign weaponry a good move? Questionable. But the fact that it has become necessary makes it a real cause of concern for the people living here.

  • TNY

    Russia needs to get out of Ukraine and things could return to normal.

  • CodeSoldier

    Hmm. Seems like a justified response to Russian aggressions. They need to know the West isn't willing to be totally pushed around.

  • aj0690

    The US has had stores of heavy weapons in Europe for more than 60 years.

  • bradd

    Tell me again why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize...

  • NeedAChainsaw

    Oh that's good, I was afraid we were going to run out of wars and have to spend our money on things like fixing the schools and repairing infrastructure so our country can continue to be productive.

    I'm glad we continue to find other peoples' business we can stick our noses into. What a relief.

    • Gozzin

      Oh me too..No money to be made doing those sorts of things,but a good ol' war just rakes in the cash!

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