• Gozzin

    Don't hold your breath on that one.

    • Maternitus

      I won't. :-) There's one thing I'd love to see happening, though: the elimination of bots. The vast amounts of followers some people have, including Musk, will deminish. Yes, I'd love to see the world burn. At least online, that is.

      • Gozzin (edited 3 months ago)

        Yeah,large swaths of the Internet are such a wasteland. I liked it way better before social media.

        • Maternitus (edited 3 months ago)

          Isn't the internet always social and depending on interaction? What's not to like about social media are monopolies of the keyplayers, I think. And I question, for years, the amount of users those keyplayers announce they have. More users mean more advertisement income and reason enough to add a little spice to the actual numbers. The longer I am not using Instagram, Facebook and so on, the more I RE-discover the actual internet with a lot of "substitutes" to the mainstream outlets. And good heavens, there are actual sites that function and blossom without any algorithms or other beatmakers. ;-) Even way better technologies, as in peer-to-peer distributed sites and content or, hold on for this one, actual ad free websites that make a profit by paying their users and taking their (fair) share of the tokens that are traded (Odysee).

          The big ass monopolies are on their way down, I guess, just by seeing how fast decentralisation is starting to get a grip on the internet. More and more tools (Signal) and sites like Pixelfed or Mastodon are popping up and growing really quickly. I like that a lot. It's never gonna be like "the old days" again, but there's definitely a renewed and really improved internet for all on its' way. From that point of view, and experience, Musk has made his worst investment to date by buying Twitter (with borrowed money and other forms of debt and by selling some of his shares of the companies he "founded" (read: bought out)).

          Like with MySpace and others that are long gone, the current dominant players will deminish if they do not get a hold of that decentralisation and other technological developments, which they will be hesitant towards, since that also means a loss of power, besides income. It's like with banks versus crypto and trading apps: old versus new. And guess what? Old is already going down, kicking and screaming. But this will not go over really peacefully, we're talking about a lot of money and power here that is shifting towards new players , innovators (real ones) and visionaires that do not copycat old shit and call it theirs (I see you Microsoft and Apple). :-)