• StarFlower

    100% agree. Way too many "hidden costs". And I bet they jack up the price after 1 year. Ultimately, it's too little, too late. If they want to retain customers, treat them decently from the start. Otherwise they will lose the customer's trust. We cut the cord and have never looked back since.

    • Gozzin

      They are like an insatiable parasite without sense enough to know that if it continues to gorge itself it will eventually kill either its host or itself. Same here for cutting the cord. Spectrum still sends out monthly notices for their "great " $45.99 package...And said notices get thrown in the trash.

      • StarFlower (edited 9 months ago)

        We get those same notices too!! And throw them in the trash also! What's the bet that they send out a new bunch of these in the New Year?! They seem to think just cos its a new year, ppl will somehow want to run back to those cable companies that treated them badly. Um, no.