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How to test pregnancy without a test

  • Every woman who is interested in this issue wants to find an answer to him in the shortest possible time. And everyone has their own reasons for this: someone with trembling and hope expects even the slightest hints of pregnancy, but someone thinks about it or suspicion plunges into shock. Fortunately, both those and those, there are many ways to find out the pregnancy and confirm their guesswork. The most reliable, fastest and most reliable of them are pregnancy tests . They are easy to use, inexpensive, available in every pharmacy and simply amaze with variety: inkjet , digital , electronic, interactive and the simplest test strips. How to accurately determine pregnancy without a test? If the test is not with you, and you want to know as early as possible - start measuring basal temperature (during pregnancy it exceeds 37 degrees for about two weeks and beyond). This method is even more reliable than testing, so you can even start with it. The main thing is to make the measurements correctly, so that the results are as reliable as possible. And also note that the method of basal temperature measurement can be justified only for women with a regular menstrual cycle and good reproductive health (if there are no inflammatory and chronic processes in the pelvic organs). More specifically, the question of whether you are pregnant or not, you will be able to respond to a gynecologist after examination on a gynecological chair. And it is unlikely to be mistaken (especially in the early term) - clinical methods of pregnancy diagnosis: a blood test for HCG and ultrasound with a transvaginal sensor. Related topics How to determine pregnancy without a test at home How to determine pregnancy without a test? How to determine an ectopic pregnancy at home Definition of pregnancy with iodine Can I do a pregnancy test in the evening? How to do pregnancy calculator at home However, what to do, when neither the pharmacy, nor the test, nor even the gynecologist (there is no need to talk about the laboratory) is at hand? To do this, look at yourself more closely, to all the changes taking place in the body (if any). The first signs of pregnancy - signs of pregnancy in the first weekand signs of pregnancy in the first month - will help you yourself at home to find the answer to an exciting question: is there life inside you? Among the earliest, pregnant women with experience and doctors call a feeling of malaise, fatigue, drowsiness, a cold-like condition, increased urination, minor abdominal pain, increased vaginal discharge, breast engorgement and increased breast sensitivity, changes in taste preferences and even the nature of the stool to start constipation or diarrhea). Just keep in mind that all these are only indirect symptoms and they can not be perceived as the final verdict. Many of these signs can accompany some painful conditions or be a manifestation of premenstrual syndrome. And finally. If you do not observe absolutely any signs of pregnancy, and it is not possible to check by any of the mentioned methods, and there is still a suspicion of accomplished impregnation, you can try the old grandmother's methods. For this you may need simple improvised means, which almost always exist in the kitchen or in the medicine cabinet in any home, and sometimes you can determine pregnancy without a test without any special devices and substances at all: Method 1: lie on your back on a flat surface, relax and put your finger on the navel (and according to some sources - 7-8 centimeters below its level), to feel whether there is a pulse. If there is a pulsation inside the navel, then you are pregnant, and, accordingly, if nothing is felt, then no. Method 2: collect urine by all rules in a clean vessel and gently drip iodine on its surface. If the drop is delayed for a while, then the test should be taken as positive, and in the absence of pregnancy, iodine immediately dissolves in the urine. Method 3: moisten a piece of paper in your own urine and drop a drop of the same iodine onto the leaf - and analyze the result. The change in color to blue indicates a lack of pregnancy, and a positive test should be considered if the color has changed to lilac or purple. Method 4: Prepare a "cocktail" from your own urine and natural wine. To drink it, thank God, it will not be necessary, but it will be necessary to consider the reaction. If the final product of your experiment is clouded or curdled, then you are unlikely to be pregnant. Otherwise, the mixture of urine and wine remains transparent. If you consider such a "test" a perversion, then you simply do not know what else you can do to determine pregnancy at home without a test! Get ready. Method 5: Cook the previously collected by all the rules urine, bringing it to a boil. Then pour into a transparent container and take a closer look. When pregnant, a flocculent sediment is formed after that, and in its absence, the urine remains bright and transparent.


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