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Published 4 years ago with 4 Comments

Mad crossroad

In one African city decided to go against the rules of the road and on human rules, where it is assumed to yield and miss - they do without traffic lights and signs.


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  • LaughAtSky

    They made this seem more remarkable than it actually is by speeding up the video. Although this is an unusual road system, the effect is not really that remarkable. It has been proven elsewhere that when you remove traffic control, people drive more carefully, because ultimately, nobody likes crashing their car. When they only have their own judgement to rely on, people tend to pay more attention.

    This makes it look like people are whizzing past each other, somehow luckily avoiding crashing into each other. I bet if you played the video at normal speed you would see that people are very cautiously navigating their way across with great care. It's really no different to how people walk along a crowded street and move around each other. Nobody wants to accidentally headbutt someone or trip and get some man's groin in their face, so people look where they are walking and pay attention, rather than just running along in a straight line with their eyes closed. This is just the same, but in cars.

    • drunkenninja

      Exactly! I will add to this by saying that anything we don't understand from our obvious lack of experience on that subject we see as extremely complex, but as we get down to ground level and actually start working on the concept a piece at a time, the whole thing seems much simpler than it really is. Same thing can be said about this type of crossing.

  • aj0690

    The epitome of chaos.

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