Snap: Is Firefox OK? posted by tukka
  • Maternitus (edited 7 months ago)

    Allthough it is not my main browser, I think it (still) is a very reliable (open source!) tool. And lots of people think so, too. Thing is with counting the amount of users of certain browsers is the fact that most people use what is shoved into their face and not by free choice and/or trial and error. Looking at server stats of my site, I can sort of correlate it to the operating system used and even the equipment that is used to view the pages. That is because most operating systems come with either their own browser (Windows and Edge, Macbook with Safari, for instance) or a browser that is set to tune with their OS (Manjaro and Firefox).

    Good thing is that the more people get outside their software bubble, they try out other browsers or even switch to a new preference. :-)

    • Gozzin (edited 7 months ago)

      I went outside my operating bubble (XP) and installed Linspire way back when and never looked back. I prefer open source as it puts me in the drivers seat,instead of a courporation that tries to dictate what I can or cannot do with my OS and browser.

      server stats of my site,

      What's the URL? I hang out at Linux Internationals.