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Published 3 years ago with 2 Comments

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  • neg8ivezero (edited 3 years ago)

    LEDs are our friends, Denver.

    This is sensationalist, in my humble opinion (No offense meant to the poster), and it draws unnecessary negative attention to an otherwise positive industry. There are other industries that use FAR more energy than cannabis.

    Is it wasteful how much energy we use on other non-essential markets? What about the wasted energy used on growing roses or other decorative plants? I don't see anyone up in arms about how much energy the beer industry uses in heating those giant vats and filtering either. It is clear to me that the author of that article has an agenda.

    Tying marijuana to a carbon foot print is the same as tying any other industry that uses electricity to a carbon footprint. The problem is not cannabis, the problem is that we are still burning fossil fuels for energy.

    • trails

      No offense taken at all! After spending a bit of time in the energy efficiency sector, I can definitely say that a lot of programs are looking at the cannabis industry as an opportunity for positive energy change and it's not intended to be a slight. While growers have had plenty of time and personal motivation to usher in techniques that minimize electricity usage, the fact of the matter is that there was never any way to officially sanction such efforts. With laws and sentiments changing, there are opportunities to truly evaluate the energy consumption that a previously-hidden industry is contributing to, and help scale solutions that cut down on the power needed. There are already energy saving measures that are incentivized for industrial and commercial sectors, and I've seen them ushered out for both breweries and large-scale greenhouses (trust me, energy efficiency honks will hunt down any industry that can be cost-effectively tightened up!). Whether the electricity that is being saved in those industries originally came from hydro, solar, or fossil fuels, the aim at the end of the day is to reduce the amount needed. I think the same rationale will be held for commercial cannabis operations where the biggest savings can be realized.

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