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Published 5 years ago by trails with 3 Comments
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  • Triseult

    I'm a big fan of offals (though not a fan of the word!) I eat most if not all of them: liver, heart, kidney, tongue, brain... Name it.

    Frankly, I don't quite understand why people are squeamish about them. I mean, you're already eating an animal, so what's worse about eating an animal's organ when you're already eating its muscle and fat? I think the key to eating them is to try them properly prepared, either from a chef that knows what they're doing, or by cooking them following a recipe (as organs don't cook the same way as meat).

    There's a huge incentive to learning to love offals: they're super-tasty, offer a lot of flavor and texture varieties, they're loaded with stuff that's good for you, AND they can be super-cheap as they're unpopular. It also means you're wasting less of the animal by eating all the parts.

    • trails (edited 5 years ago)

      I totally agree on all fronts! While I've had the misfortune of trying plenty of offals that were prepared in less-than-desirable manners, those that were prepped and cooked properly more than made up for the sour experiences. Growing up on the border with Mexico also provided several culinary trips to the innards that normally don't see the light of day - tripas, montalayo, sesos, chicharron, lengua, and sesos (mental note - seeking out menudo in the morning). Never did eat bull penis or Rocky Mountain oysters. Now that I'm a bit older and a little more adventurous with food, I might give them a shot if the opportunity presented itself. Maybe.

      • Triseult

        I lived for eight months in Mexico, so I know exactly what you mean!

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