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Reputation & XP: A guide to Leveling on Snapzu

This guide outlines the necessity of our reputation-based leveling system, how it calculates and credits XP, and the best ways users can increase their experience levels.

  • Some of today's biggest social networks use "real name" policies that suppress creative expression by forcing users to construct alternate versions of themselves often narcissistic in nature to conform to social norms associated with offline life. This sucks! No one should ever have to pretend to be someone they aren't. On the other hand, anonymous social networks can promote abusive behavior like trolling and spamming due to a lack of accountability and real life consequences. Sadly neither approach fulfills the right environment to promote creativity and self expression, but we believe there may be another way!

    At Snapzu we embrace responsible anonymity with a platform that allows anonymous users to build-up a reputation based on creativity, quality, and positive interactions with others. A high level profile represents dedication and seniority, promoting mutual respect and trust amongst our members. Forget fake internet points, a system that factors in a 'reputation score' when calculating XP towards reaching higher levels rewards creative and helpful individuals, while punishing those who bring nothing but harm to the table.

    Benefits of this approach:

    1. Abusive users will naturally get down voted, resulting in a low reputation score. Since reputation is a deciding factor of how much XP a profile will earn, these accounts will have a harder time reaching higher levels.

    2. Spamming will also be down voted and thus lowering a spammer's reputation score. This will make it difficult for content to be seen by anyone other than the spammer thus destroying the incentive to spam.

    3. Having a high level profile with good reputation feels great! It is that aspect that will keep members from abusing community rules. Why ruin a good thing!?

    4. There is no favoritism! Everyone starts at level 1 and works their way up, no exceptions!

  • H ow our reputation-driven leveling system works! — Experience Points (XP) are generated using a calculation that begins with base points (BP) which are then multiplied by 2 additional modifiers. Below we explain what each modifier is, and how it fits into the calculation of XP:

    1. BP (Base Points):
      BP is the starting number for any activity that earns XP.

    2. LM (Level Modifier):
      This modifier is applied by multiplying a profile's current level by the amount of BPs. If a user is level 20, then the value of LM is "20", if level 25 then it's "25", and so on all the way up to level 50.

    3. RM (Reputation Modifier):
      Based on the reputation score of a profile which can be between 1.0 (Reputation of 100%) and 0.01 (Reputation of 1%) this multiplier is applied to BPs that have already went through the LM multiplication phase.

    This is the XP calculation formula:

    BP (base points) x LM (level modifier) x RM (reputation modifier) = XP earned 
  • Example:

    1. Activity A is worth 10 BP (base points)
    2. User Level = 24 (translates to 24 LM)
    3. User Reputation = 78.4% (translates to 0.784 RM)
    4. 10 BP x 24 LM = 240
    5. 240 x 0.784 RM = 188.16
    6. 188.16 is then rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 (in this case 190)
      Activity A earned 190 XP (at Level 24 with 78.4% Reputation)

    Having a good reputation score directly effects the amount of XP earned from each activity, which effectively speeds up the leveling time.

  • W ays of earning XP: — There are a number of instant and passive ways of earning XP towards your next level. Below we outline all activity that can earn you XP points as well as additional things to know, such as where to check your XP history.

  • Instant XP:

    1. Completing Initial Tour
      Users that are level 5 and under can still take the Snapzu introductory tour that outlines some of the site's most basic features. All users that complete the 6 step tour earn a nice and welcoming 200 XP.

    2. Inviting Friends
      All verified profiles receive 3 invite codes automatically which can be used to invite a friend to Snapzu. Each successful invite yields a total of 2000 BP. Additional invite codes are unlocked with level progression, and up to a total of 25 invite codes are provided over the span of 50 levels.

    3. Posting Snaps
      Posting links to content or creating content from scratch is one of the quickest ways to earn instant XP. Depending on the complexity of your snap a significant amount of XP can be earned just by submitting great stuff and making sure snaps have an introduction, a good cover image and tags describing the content. Below is a BP (base point) outline for the number of BPs each item can earn:

      • Specifying a Snap Type = 5 BP
      • Providing a Snap Title = 5 BP
      • Adding a Snap Introduction = 5 BP
      • Entering Tags = 2 BP (each)
      • Uploading or Linking a Cover Image = 25 BP
      • Adding a Text Module = 20 BP
      • Adding a Main Link Module = 20 BP
      • Adding a Image Module = 20 BP
      • Adding a Link Module = 10 BP
      • Adding a List Module = 30 BP
      • Adding a Image Gallery Module = 30 BP
      • Adding a RSS Module = 10 BP
    4. Creating Text Posts
      Creating text posts yields 50 BP with each text post.

    5. Posting Status Updates
      Creating a status update yields 25 BP with each update.

    6. Commenting
      Posting or replying to comments always earns 50 BP. In addition comments that reach the "conversation threshold" earn an additional 75 BP. To reach the threshold, there needs to be a significant amount of positive activity with a comment. This usually happens on well throughout and worded comments that urge other users to engage in conversation.

    7. Achievements
      Achievements are a fantastic way to earn easy XP in the beginning due to many of the Level 1 achievements yielding low hanging fruit. There are a number of achievements that can be reached through your progression to level 50.

    8. Receiving Pinups
      If someone finds your snap interesting enough to be pinned to their Snapzine (this one is ours!), you will receive 20 BP for each pin. Creating clean, relevant and well documented snaps is key to receiving a higher number of pinups (users will not pin mediocre content!)

  • Passive XP:

    1. Voting
      Voting on snaps, text posts, comments, galleries and list items counts towards a passive voting activity bonus credited at the end of each day. Voting is a great way to help the community decide what content is worth while and what is of poor quality. Voting is one of the most important things our members can do, and we highly appreciate those who take the time to do it.

    2. Login Streak Bonus
      Logging in every day yields a small amount of daily bonus XP that can turn into a larger bonus depending on the streak length. Keeping the streak alive rewards users with XP bonuses until the streak is broken. Below is an outline of the streak bonus:

      • 2 Day Streak = 15 BP
      • 3 Day Streak = 20 BP
      • 4 Day Streak = 25 BP
      • 5 Day Streak = 30 BP
      • 6 Day Streak = 40 BP
      • 7 Day Streak = 50 BP
        Streak continues at 50 BP until broken.
    3. Content Sharing
      Sharing your content on other social networks, forums, and other places generates "views". Each view is worth a small amount of XP, so when a snap blows up in popularity, a substantial amount of XP can be earned.

    4. Up Vote Threshold Bonus
      All content has specific threshold bonuses that grant creators additional XP based on the amount of up votes the content receives. Up Vote bonuses are counted and applied once at the end of each day. All published content is capable of receiving up votes for the first 30 days of existence after which it is archived. The following content can receive an up vote bonus:

      • Snaps
      • Text Posts
      • Comments
  • A few more things to know!

    1. Diminishing Returns
      All passive bonuses are subject to diminishing returns after a certain amount of XP earned.

    2. IOU (Negative XP)
      Deleting activity that earned XP does not remove XP from the XP pool. Instead it creates an IOU entry containing negative XP that needs to be repaid with incoming positive XP before any additional XP is counted towards the next level.

    3. XP History Page
      Snapzu tracks all XP generating activity and then displays it within a history page that gives all profiles the ability to view where all of their XP came from. The XP history page can be found here (must be logged in).

  • Some words from the Snapzu team:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. We hope it clarified some aspects of our service. If, like us, you believe that a reputation-based leveling system will succeed in promoting the right type of environment for self expression and creativity, please help us get the message out by sharing this snap with your friends.

    As we continue to expand Snapzu, we will post additional guides and documentation in our blog, so be sure to check back once in a while for new material.

    Have a nice day!

    This guide was created using our 'snap creation' engine. You too can create wonderful content directly on Snapzu!


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