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    Hi Gladsdotter, thank you for bringing this to our attention as it slipped our minds when posting the recent 5.1.1 release notes.

    You're right about tags no longer appearing on published snaps, and may I say very observant of you! We believe tags still play an important role in helping our platform to properly catalog snaps as well as provide helpful information used by TRE (tribe recommendation engine) to make better tribe recommendations. However we have noticed that many exterior content websites (ie. blogs, news outlets, content sites) use misleading tags, or tags that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the snap. This type of practice only hurts our recommendation engine's algorithm by feeding it information that works against our learning sub mechanisms that are responsible for creating proper word associations. In other words, automatically generated tags are hurting our system and we had to disable the parsing of these exterior tags. Snap creators can still enter their own tags which are then used just like before (nothing has changed here), helping snaps better appear on TRE, helping TRE better associate with content and of course for better placement on search. Now, one last thing.

    We have removed tags from being displayed publicly within snaps as we felt they are taking attention away from tribes (which work very much like tags in letting users know where content belongs). It is this fact that we felt showing tags along with tribes is redundant and possibly confusing. Now, I understand that you made a valid point that you are curious and like to look at the tags that other members have submitted along with their snaps so I will discuss this with the rest of the team and we will brainstorm if possibly we can have a button that can display user submitted tags on click.

    Thanks again, we appreciate your feedback as always!

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