• BlueOracle (edited 8 years ago)

    Yay! I can pin snaps on mobile and up/down vote without having to be in list view! :D

    I find it's not as visually pleasing, but that could just be becasue I'm not used to it. I do agree with /u/gladsdotter that it's a lot of black and I kind of miss the banner images now that they're just tiny strips. I think it would look nicer if you kept the lower black bar in the banner but just floated the upper icons over the image. The way it is now seems a little claustrophobic. Anyway, just my 2ยข. Overall it's very nice. :)

    Somewhat interestingly, I'm having trouble visualizing exactly what it was like before so I can do a mental comparison. You'd think it would be easier with the amount I looked at the old design. :P