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  • mariogi

    This is correct. Each snap has to have a minimum of 3 sources where votes can come from, including the feed (people following you), the front page/misc (any other page that's not the feed, i think), and up to 5 tribes (in this snap's case, just the one blog tribe). Each score is independent from each other for various reasons, but is combined to make the FPS score (which is used for positioning on the front page). Any user can change your FPS score by only 1 point, even if they vote multiple times for the same snap (from different sources).

    When first created, each snap has a +1 added automatically to each source by the account that made the snap. If you create a snap and quickly check your stats, you will see a +1 for each of the sources. These are all your automatically added votes, and because each account can only affect the FPS by 1 point, the FPS of your snap will still be a +1. If another user finds your snap in their feed, and up votes you, your FPS will go to a +2. If that same user finds your snap again, this time from the front page, and up votes you again, your FPS will remain at +2. I was curious about this also before, and I think that's how it all works. I hope this wall of text clears things up.

    • jayhallny

      Quick question.. why are votes automatically added when creating a snap?

      • mariogi

        I'm guessing it's probably just a convenience thing. If you create a snap, you will probably want to up vote yourself naturally. This saves you the time to have to do it.

        • jayhallny

          Great ,thanks I was thinking that too but just wanted to make sure.