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Published 5 years ago with 12 Comments

Release 4.3.0 - Algorithm Improvement to Tribe Recommendations & Down Vote Reason Functionality

We have made some minor algorithm updates to the front page and a significant update to the tribe recommendation system. We have also added functionality that will let users specify a reason for down voting a snap. More details inside!

  • Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

    We are excited to introduce our first update of 2014!

  • Tribe Recommendation Engine update

    We have applied an algorithm improvement patch that should increase the accuracy of our tribe recommendation system by a noticeable amount. So next time you're creating a snap, please pay extra attention to what is being recommended. The system will learn over time, and is only expected to get better and better. We hope you notice the difference.

  • Down Vote Feedback

    We have added a function that allows users to give reasoning as to why they are down voting another user's snap. We hope this will help with two situations:

    a) Some users currently suffer from something we like to call “down vote grief” caused by down voting someone's snap for a certain honest mistake such as a re-post, broken link, or a wrong tribe. Getting penalized for honest mistakes just doesn't seem fair, especially when reputation score is always on the line.

    b) New/Unaware users can learn from their mistakes and learn what type of content is and isn't acceptable. Because each down vote reason is listed in the snap's stats area, new members can use this feedback to see what they are doing wrong, and learn why people are down voting their snaps.

    How it works:

    From now on, when you down vote a snap, an optional “Reason?” button will appear immediately to the right of your vote. A drop-down menu will appear listing the following reasons.

    • Spam
    • Lack-luster content
    • Broken link (404)
    • Re-post
    • Wrong Tribe (if applicable)

    You can then quickly select the option that best suits your reasoning behind placing the down vote. Once that is completed, the drop-down menu disappears and you are done. If you make a mistake, you can simply remove the down vote, which will remove the included reason, and try again. A reason specified down vote will not count toward their reputation score unless it's labeled as spam or lack-luster content (blogspam, "copypasta", etc).

    Note: This will be further explained in a multi-part educational blog series that we have planned coming some time next month.

  • That's about it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

    // Team Snapzu


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  • ckshenn

    Can I enter my own reason if I want?

    • aj0690

      It doesn't look like it. But I'm sure they can expand on it later.

    • zyery

      What other reasons are you thinking of? I think the 5 listed cover basically everything. Unless you just want to be more specific?

      • [Deleted Profile]

        [This comment was removed]

  • hxxp

    Thanks and happy new year to you guys too.

  • 8mm

    Thanks as always.

  • capoti

    Nice work! Up voted!

  • drunkenninja

    Kick ass update, the tribe recommendations do seem a bit more accurate. Nice work.

  • jasont

    Great! Thanks for your efforts.

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