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Published 5 years ago with 1 Comments

Release 3.2.0 - General Bug Fixes and Misc Updates

Several bug fixes were deployed. More information inside.

  • Release 3.2

    There are two major bug fixes that we deployed this update as well as a few small miscellaneous bugs.

    Fixed "The Contributor" Achievement

    During the last few weeks we had an issue with the "The Contributor" achievement where submissions were not counting properly. We have fixed this bug and credited everyone with the right amount of points. You will notice a lot of "The Contributor" achievements being awarded today. Consider it a delayed response!

    Fixed "Tribe Claim Level" Unlock

    There was an error with the unlock for "Tribe Claim Level" where users we earning impossible tribe claim levels higher than level 5. We have corrected this issue as of today. You may notice in your system messages or notifications that the number may still be incorrect. Since we cannot change the generated system messages we cannot correct those details.

    Miscellaneous Bugs & Updates

    1. Fixed a number of typos and spelling errors 
    2. Fixed a CSS related issue on the front page that sometimes did not load the snap grid
    3. Fixed a bug where the up/down vote arrows were reversed for logged out users on Snap Display comments area
    4. Corrected text size issue in the List Module
    5. Fixed an issue where the FPS number was not updating after placing a vote
    6. Fixed incorrectly displayed dates on the Compare Profiles page
    7. When viewing the Chief and Founder on a selected tribe, the profile picture now leads to the Compare Profiles page while clicking the username will lead to that user's home page

    For those of you who are experienced users and would like to apply for the "Advanced Bug Tester" status, please click on the Green Icon to the right of the Snapzu logo (it looks like a little bug). We appreciate the time it takes to make these reports and are very greatful!

    • Team Snapzu

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  • canuck

    Thanks for the achievement! :)

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