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Published 4 years ago by Appaloosa with 4 Comments

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  • delcueto

    Finally, only who is left-handed knows how the world is made for right-handed

    • Appaloosa

      Let's start a Justice Warrior Cult to bring the injustices to light! Or not. We left handed people are different are we not? Yet I have never seen a movement to highlight our plight! Let's start a movement to accommodate us outcasts! Or we can also learn to adapt to a norm, gee wiz.

      • AdelleChattre

        You're absolutely left! It's about time we started fightings for our lefts. The Left Wing has been slacking for too long. Our lefts aren't endowed to us by God, or granted to us by our Cpnstitution. They are our lefts because we'll fight for them, as we'll fight for other people's lefts, until everyone of any handedness, creed or religion can be secure in their lefts and live free.

        • Gozzin

          I have no plans to use an IPhone,but that needs to happen. I'm sick of us lefties being ignored. I learned to use right handed scissors with my left hand ages ago. I have a Bamboo art tablet and you turn said tablet with the light on your left if your left handed and the light on your right if your right handed. Really nice!

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