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Published 6 years ago with 1 Comments

Release 3.1.0 - Compare Profiles, New Achievement & General Bug Fixes

On June 30th at 3 am Pacific Time we updated to Release 3.1 there were two features added and a sprinkle of general updates. There was also some issues that caused a site wide outage of certain functionality. More inside.

  • Snapzu Update to Release 3.1

    Greetings everyone!

    Last night we rolled out the 3.1 updates. We added 1 new feature and an update to an exisiting feature. We also fixed a number of bugs and in the excitement created new ones, which where then quickly fixed! :)

    Compare Profiles

    The Compare Profiles page is a new feature available to logged in users that allows members to compare their profile to any other profile on Snapzu. The option to do so is available by clicking the Avatar or Rank Icon of the user who's profile is being viewed. There is also a new button to the right of the Activity Feed button that will only appear when viewing a profile that isn't your own.

    Achievement: Trend Setter

    We have modified this achievement so that any user who's snap makes it to Level 4 on the front page (size 3x2) will be awarded 1 point towards the achievement. This new functionality only allows snaps that are listed on the front page to recieve points. Snaps not listed at the time of reaching level 4 will not be credited.

    Misc Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed a bug where up voting gallery items sometimes did not work
    2. When someone posts a /t/tribe reference within the comments section it will now turn into a proper link
    3. Fixed a bug where the "Information" icon sometimes did not bring up the appropriate info panel
    4. Added loader icons to buttons that did not display a loader, letting users see there is a process happening
    5. Updated the way Snap Creation module drag and drop works, also added a visual queue to help users understand these elements are sortable via drag and drop
    6. Some other minor bug fixes as well as stability updates to the backend

    General Issues with Release 3.1

    We had some general site wide problems right after the rollout and we appologize for any inconvinience it may have caused. If any of you are still experiencing issues with any of the bugs that were reported over the last 24 hours please let us know.

    For those of you who are experienced users and would like to apply for the "Advanced Bug Tester" status, please click on the Green Icon to the right of the Snapzu logo (it looks like a little bug). We appreciate the time it takes to make these reports and are very greatful!

    • Team Snapzu

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  • Benny84

    Thanks for the update! I love the new compare feature

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