Snap: Prologue posted by teamsnapzu
  • imokruok

    I think snapzu needs to expand the gender selection in the profile section to include something other than gender binarism .

    • AdelleChattre (edited 6 years ago)

      Seems like the only thing this affects is which stylized Snapzu avatar you are shown at whatever level you're at. Of course there should be more options there. The implementation detail that needs working out is how to make a gender binary set of illustrations, which were painstakingly developed when there was more time and energy for that than there presumably is now, work with however many additional choices. A fluid gender might be easy enough, maybe picking the avatar illo at random for each level. Other distinctions would require more clever hacks. Someone oughta work this out so Team Snapzu is given a complete and workable suggestion that can fix this current shortcoming.