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Published 5 years ago with 7 Comments

Important Notice - Today was a milestone day for Snapzu.

Today was unlike any other. To describe it in one word, hectic.

  • Hi everyone,

    Today was unlike any other. To describe it in one word, hectic.

    As you may already know, we were featured on reddit and Mashable today which caused a massive influx of people coming to Snapzu. It was unexpected, we were not prepared for it, and we worked frantically in the off hours to bring things up to speed. For approximately 1 hour (between 1-2 am PST), we were slowed to a crawl. We quickly added two additional web servers to handle the load and return things back to normal. This was the good news.

    There was, however, one big problem that went unnoticed for approximately 6 hours which affected a large bulk of new users that created an account. Our email verification service was overloaded, malfunctioned, and ceased operations at around 5 am PST. For hours we THOUGHT we were sending out these emails, however, after a few reports, we noticed that we were in fact not sending them out.

    If you are a user that signed up but didn't receive an email to verify your account, please allow for about 1 more hour as we are working on functionality that will once more send those unsent verification emails. For anyone that joined recently, the verification emails are now functioning normally. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and look forward to seeing you around!

    [Update - 5:23 PST - November 30th, 2013]

    We have now deployed functionality that will allow users with unverified accounts to resend the verification email. This functionality is located in your settings area under the "Login Details" sub-section. If your email is unverified it will appear in red, just below it will be a link to trigger a new verification email. We hope those who were not able to verify their emails are able to do so now. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Team Snapzu


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  • darvinhg

    Bittersweet is one way to put it.

  • novenator

    I saw the Reddit post, and it was very cool. The #1 suggestion on the top comment on a viral thread on Reddit. Great PR, probably had a couple thousand new signups from that alone. Good to see too, Snapzu is a fantastic Social News site. If Reddit tanks, everyone will relocate there

  • grandsalami

    Sometimes I feel like the admins/developers here are robots and don't sleep. I've reported several bugs over the last few months and the next day I check, the problem in question is resolved.

  • fictionparker

    No prob, You guys are still gonna take down Reddit someday is all I know.

  • onewatt

    Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to participating here.

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