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  • sick (edited 6 years ago)

    Do you guys have a Mumble server where I could bounce some ideas off of you? I'd really love to share some features that I feel would be great and would help bring snapzu into the "killer app" category.

    You can find me on our Mumble server @ our website: http://exinferno.com/ Find me "Sick"

    I'd love to chat!

    About me:

    I've used Reddit for almost 8+ years, I currently run an MMO Gaming community with over 250+ active members. We are expanding, growing and I really hate the look and feel and upkeep of PHPBB. I've also founded larger communities such as Themes.org, Linux.com and Sourceforge.net

    I don't mind waiting though if features are planned and there is enough support in the short term.

    - SubTribes planned? Ability to separate your tribe into other bits? - Categories? I really want a way to effectively turn Snapzu into a viable replacement for PHPBB and other discussion boards. I know this may not be your intended usage, but if you think outside the box, it could do two things @ once: Provide a replacement to sites like reddit, and provide a replacement for tools like PHPBB.

    Again, I'd love to talk.


    • teamsnapzu (edited 6 years ago)

      Hi Sick, thanks for reaching out. If you're interested in getting in touch please private message us. We can figure out a good way to exchange ideas.

      • sick

        That's just it, I looked and looked at the UI and couldn't find out how to actually PM you. :(

        • plemer

          Clicking on the username ("teamsnapzu") above the comment drops you into its feed (http://snapzu.com/teamsnapzu), which has the pm box in the top right.

          /t/lounge is also a tribe devoted to the exact purpose you describe.

          • sin

            As an additional note. You have to be following the user to see the "send pm" button.