• teamsnapzu

    Hi Individualist, we value your opinion and have taken your feedback into consideration.

    We are constantly looking for ways to improve our content sharing and creation platform and hope that in the future it is more suitable for your needs. We also recommend using the bookmarklet feature as this helps to quickly share content with the Snapzu community while not necessarily being on Snapzu. The bookmarklet parses the link you "Snap!" and finds the required data needed for publishing rich and informative content.

    As for the XP points, reputation and user levels, we feel that although people have the freedom to remain anonymous, there should still be a system of accountability. A member's level quickly lets our users know you are a seasoned member, XP is used to advance a user's level and reputation lets everyone know you're a contributing member of the community. We hope that our system will help combat rampant spam and trolling that is currently plaguing many of these types of communities, and we feel our solution may help us to achieve this.