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Published 6 years ago with 7 Comments

FAQ: XP points and levels

FAQ about your XP points and levels to reach.

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      What is the point of having experience points and levels?

      Experience Points (XP) are earned for many activities on Snapzu and are used by members to reach higher experience levels. With each level up, certain permanent perks and upgrades are rewarded to each user. XP makes a great way to quickly distinguish new users from experienced users. Most importantly, the XP system is designed to add an element of fun to the community.

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      How are experience points collected?

      Experience points are collected in various ways across the Snapzu platform. Some given immediately when publishing snaps, or posting comments or text posts, while others are given at the end of the day as bonuses for other participation such as placing votes, receiving votes, and getting views on your snaps. Inviting users also earns a generous amount of XP so be sure to share your provided invite codes!

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      Can I see how I earned my experience points?

      Yes, you may click on the XP container located in your profile drop-down menu, accessible by clicking on your avatar on the top right of the top navigation bar (just to the left of the green Submit+ button). On the bottom you will notice a green bar, and clicking it will take you to your XP History area, where a daily tally of all your points is available.

      This page essentially serves as a receipt of your experience points, including all additions and negations.

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      Can I lose experience points?

      No, however an IOU system is in place that will count all negated experience points, and until those points are re-earned, your account will not earn additional experience points. These points are negated when a snap or comment (that has earned you points in the past) is removed.

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      What is the level cap?

      There are currently 50 attainable experience levels, which range from novice (level 1) to the truly dedicated (level 50). Level avatars evolve, progressively appearing more advanced with each level. In total there are 50 masculine avatars and 50 feminine avatars.

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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  • kigurame

    This might be answered elsewhere but what are the features that the respective levels unlock ?

    • drunkenninja

      I don't believe there is a dedicated list to the "features" that are unlocked, but its generally just more credits for things like invites, related links, tribe submission slots, pinups, follow slots, etc. Maybe one day I will compile a list of unlocks for all 50 levels :)

      • kigurame

        :) That makes sense still getting the hang of things a tad. The whole XP thing is a bit foreign to me and though this FAQ explained the when and how excellently it does not really tell you what XP/Levels do. Your answer cleared that up. Thanks :)

  • rti9

    Why do you gain more XP the higher the level you are?

    Some levels ago I got about 240xp if I recall correctly for posting a snap. Now that I am a higher level, I gain 380xp. Odd.

  • HangedCole

    I've been looking around for this question, but I can't seem to find it. Since there's a maximum of 55 tribe memberships (at my current level [3]), is it possible to increase my membership to other tribes?

  • offline

    Is there a "high scores" showing users with the most experience points?

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