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FAQ: Achievements

FAQ about achievements.

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      What are achievements?

      Achievements are virtual prizes that are given out for participating in various activities in the community. They are meant for fun.

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      How many achievements is there?

      There are 25 different achievements available, each with five different progress levels including ribbon, bronze, silver, gold and diamond.

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      Where can I see my achievements?

      To view all your achievements, click on your profile avatar on the right area of the top bar, and then click on the "Achievements" link on the drop-down menu.

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      Who can see my achievements?

      Achievements are are viewable by all members of Snapzu.

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      Can I hide my achievements?

      No, at this time you cannot hide them. Why would you want to anyways!?

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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