Before The Invasion Begins: What Are You Doing To Prepare For Legion?

With patch 7.0 expected any time now, I just wanted to take a quick survey to see how people are preparing.

For me, I've been stockpiling Hexweave and Hexweave Bags to get ready for the coming flood of Demon Hunters and returning players. I've also been running every gold mission I get before they're gone, and keeping my work orders maxed as much as possible. I can't say I'll miss my garrisons, but I'll definitely miss all that free coin.

4 years ago by SMcIntyre with 4 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    I haven't played WoW in 6 years. The game is far too big and complex for casual players to progress enough to get to the goodies, or has that changed at all? Can players that have limited time get to anything good?

    • SMcIntyre

      It's completely different now.

      The barriers to entry for end game content have completely gone away making it much more accessible for casual players. The focus of the game now, and for the last few years, has been on letting players craft their own experience, so people who only play a few hours a week can still experience roughly the same content that previously only would've been possible for hardcore players. There are multiple "difficulty levels" for each dungeon/raid (they're even adding two more), so people who do want to raid hardcore still have content/rewards/mounts that are tailored to them.

      • drunkenninja

        What would you describe yourself as? The hardcore player or more of the casual variety? Always been curious to know how the game has progress beyond my time on it, I will have to check out some game play videos, and read up on the changes. Good to know it's not as "elitist" as it used to be, that essentially ruined the experience for me personally.

        • SMcIntyre

          I'm a hardcore Goblin.

          I focus mostly on the Economic aspect of the game (crafting, farming, gold making, etc.) but I'll jump into a dungeon every now and then. When I do raid, it's either in the LFR (Looking for Raid) System, or a pug with some guild members. I've also started getting into the Battle Pets (essentially Pokemon in WoW) a little more lately.