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  • Ladysfi

    I'm sorry that happened to you. I have never had someone be condescending because of my user name. I work in a male dominated field and have only once felt brushed off because I was a woman. I put an end to that quickly. On another note, I think the biggest surge of people to hit at once are here already. Others will trickle in. If this community stands by its values and culture, they will learn to deal with it or leave. Who needs toxic people around anyway.

    • Strangequark

      I really hope that it plays out like that. I've already noticed the 'but free speech!' people in the lounge, and had to put my phone down so I didn't engage. It never, ever ends well with that particular group of people, so I avoid it when possible. I saw someone saying something like, 'keep the Reddit spirit alive!' and was glad that some people had pointed out that people came to Snapzu to avoid the 'Reddit spirit', which is often not something to be proud of. Many are saying that they left because Reddit had got too SJWish, and wanted this to be a less censorious place, when there are quite a lot of us who think that active moderation creates a more free space than just unfettered 'say whatever you want because free speech' rules, which just mean that the shoutiest, meanest people get prominence and everyone else sees a place where they do not belong, so don't speak up.

      It has so many great points, so much knowledge and kindness and worthwhile discussion, but the nature of a platform like that means that there are some really dark aspects to it, and the overriding controlling group of users all come from a specific demographic which has so rarely experienced active silencing, so think that not being able to post how much they hate [x] group of people on a privately owned site is a free speech violation.

      I hope that they trickle off to voat, or back to Reddit, or even that they stay here and abide by the house rules and add to the conversation. That would be brilliant (if unlikely).