Text Post: What is Your Current Setup? posted by Phexous
  • Wexler

    Nothing fancy, due largely to the fact that I am a tremendous cheapskate, and vape for flavor and a small nicotine buzz more than anything else. I'm currently using an iTaste vv with an iClear16 running at 8 watts - Ruthless Jungle-Fever eJuice - 18 mg. Kinda tastes like an old Del Monte fruit cup smells. Works out fairly well for a daily vape.

    But then again, my other favorite liquid is on the opposite end of the spectrum, being NicQuid's "Sinnamon" - imagine you're inhaling an old school atomic fireball candy, with a menthol-ly chill immediately following the spice. Quite pleasant.

    • Bazill

      Oh man, Sinnamon does sound good. I remember a while ago I used to vape Fireball Cinnamon at 24mg through a Nautilus. Probably the harshest vape you can get.