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  • Current Event
    5 months ago
    by grandtheftsoul
    +34 +1

    US millionaire offers clue to buried treasure

    People have died searching for Forrest Fenn’s buried fortune, but his aim was to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Current Event
    4 months ago
    by zyery
    +7 +1

    Robot submarine finds "holy grail of shipwrecks" with up to $17 billion in treasure

    A 310-year-old Spanish shipwreck carrying treasure that might be worth up to $17 billion was discovered with the help of an underwater robot. It's called the Remus 6000 and it can dive nearly four miles and is loaded with sensors and cameras. Bronze cannons confirmed "the holy grail of shipwrecks" had been found at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. They are engraved with dolphins – a telltale sign they belong to the Spanish galleon San Jose, lost more than 300 years ago.

  • Current Event
    3 months ago
    by zritic
    +11 +1

    Vase found in old shoebox sold for roughly $19 million

    It's a story that won't come as a surprise to anyone who's watched enough Antiques Roadshow -an old, not-very-well-loved relic kept out of sight by a family that doesn't like it much, only to later learn it's worth a staggering sum of money. In this case, a vase stashed for years wrapped in newspaper in a shoebox in an attic in France turned out to be a rare, exquisite Qing dynasty artifact and sold at auction Tuesday for a staggering €16 million this week - about $19 million, 20 times the estimate.