Basic Rules

Hello, and welcome to /t/Trauma! Before you post your images or videos, a few basic rules must be gone over:

1) Any images or videos of trauma are allowed, however, they must be HIPAA compliant, and MUST HAVE the NSFW tag on it. Any graphic images that are not flagged as NSFW will be removed.

2) If you are a medical professional, please feel free to identify yourself as such, and let the staff know, as soon as there is some way for us to differentiate between users, we will use that to identify you.

3) Please keep all comments constructive and educational.

7 years ago by MadMonk with 3 comments

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  • bogdan

    You should add the rules in the side bar, under "Tribe etiquette / rules". I think it'd be quite helpful

    • MadMonk

      Was working on that as you posted xD