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  • Video/Audio
    4 years ago
    by mtnrg
    +28 +1

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Launch Trailer

    Lara Croft’s relentless quest for answers leads her through the harsh Siberian wilderness, deadly tombs, and puts her in the path of ruthless Trinity forces. Discover the legend within November 10.

  • Current Event
    1 year ago
    by zobo
    +11 +1

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider's The Pillar DLC Will Be Available Next Week

    The iconic Lara Croft is gearing up for her next adventure as the release date for upcoming DLC The Pillar has been announced. Lara Croft’s latest adventure has seen her struggling for survival while trying to avert a Mayan apocalypse. However, the iconic video game heroine’s journey isn’t quite finished yet as The Pillar DLC pack for Shadow of the Tomb Raider is scheduled to land on consoles and PC early next week.

  • Current Event
    10 months ago
    by TNY
    +3 +1

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Devs "Super Happy" With Sales and Reviews as DLC Wraps Up

    In a season dominated by Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, and other high profile games, a few major releases were bound to fall between the cracks. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was one of those games. Nevertheless, Eidos Montréal has continued to crank out DLC to support the fans who have stuck around. Its output includes challenge tombs, new story-driven segments intended to wrap up loose ends, and runs that resemble obstacle courses. The DLC that Eidos Montréal showed us at PAX East is The Grand Cayman, which dropped last week.

  • Current Event
    10 months ago
    by rawlings
    +5 +1

    'Tomb Raider' Developer Hints More Lara Croft Is Coming

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider didn't have a lot of buzz when it hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC last year, but apparently it did pretty well. While the latest Lara Croft adventure got off to a pretty slow start, by the end of 2018 it surpassed 4 million copies sold, which was a bit under Square Enix's expectations, but developer Eidos Montreal seems happy with how the game performed critically and commercially. “We’re super happy with how Shadow of the Tomb Raider turned out, both on the critics side and performance,” said producer on the game Jonathan Dahan while speaking with US Gamer.