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What tea are you drinking?

I'd just like to know what's your poison. In the mornings I drink some matcha, and in the afternoons (when I can) I drink some high mountain oolong (in my Yixing tea pot). Bonus points for pictures!

3 years ago by Wyrdash with 4 comments

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  • schrodingersman

    Nothing fancy. In the morning I have a cold brew black tea with peach. It's easy to make before I head out the door, and with the weather being so hot it's easier to drink . I also have a green tea that I'll cold steep in the fridge overnight if I know I want it the next day. In the evening if I want something before I lay down I have been trying seven blossoms tea. I like the taste but the smell before I brew it can be a little off putting.

    • Wyrdash

      When you cold steep, do you first rinse the leaves with hot water? I have heard that helps stop bacteria growth (probably something I'm just paranoid about), and might improve the flavor, I've only tried it with no rinse.

      • schrodingersman

        I had never heard of that. I'll have to give it a try the next time I brew a batch.

      • Calcipher (edited 3 years ago)

        My understanding is you only need to rise in hot (read: boiling) water if the tea has inclusions that are not tea such as fruit or is a fermented tea such as Pu'erh. This is not the case for sun tea which encourages bacteria growth.

  • Chesham

    I am an extremely boring tea drinker, I have the same thing literally every day, black tea with a splash of milk. I've been hooked on a Nilgiri tea for going on 6 months. :p