• Saffire

    Exaggerating a story could still be bad IMO. Picture this: You tell your friend Joe a story about this monster fish you caught last weekend. You go on to tell him that the fish at that spot were crazy and you couldn't stop getting bites. In reality, the spot was average at best, as was the fish you caught.

    How does this hurt anyone? Well, Joe, also quite the avid fisherman, decides to go to the spot you described and try his luck there as well. You can imagine how his trip is going to end, I'm sure.

    Or even worse: Joe passes on the story to another fisherman friend, John, who goes to the spot to fish instead. Upon finding out how crappy the spot actually is, John either figures Joe is an idiot or a liar and now respects/trusts him less because of it.

    All-in-all, pretty minor, but still potential to hurt somebody, even if insignificantly.

    • Raycu

      That's an extreme example though. You're implying this would always be the case when it happens quite rarely. Not to mention the fact that it is completely possible that they enjoy fishing a the spo . Just because they lied doesn't mean it will be the same.