Banners with Patterns

After reaching the required level to upload a banner, I was surprised to discover the size of it: 1680x153. I tried thousands of images, but none of them had a good feeling about it in that particular size. Then I thought that a pattern like the ones offered by Snapzu might be a better idea. I found some really cool free ones here:


this on going project compiles patterns shared by the most talented designers out there for you to use freely in your designs.

Edit: It would be really cool if people posted other places where we could find this kind of free patterns.

6 years ago by rti9 with 2 comments

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  • captainjib

    This is amazing! I have been looking for a new banner, but I was also having trouble with the dimensions! Thanks : D

  • thinkerbell

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I can see myself using these in some other projects.