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Any "Press This" like bookmark for Snapzu?

As the title asks, is there one, and if not will there be an interface/url to allow easy snap posting from outside of Snapzu?

3 years ago by Kysol with 4 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Already available. Its called "Snap it!" and its located in your Snaps tab. At the top, look for:

    SNAP IT! Snapzu Bookmarklet: Drag the "Snap it!" button (just to the left) to your browser's bookmarks bar to quickly share any images, videos and web pages with your Snapzu followers and the rest of the community, even when you're not on Snapzu at the time.

    • Kysol

      Thanks, hadn't even looked in there yet. If anything from a new users perspective, adding it to the "Submit" drop down might be helpful, but then again it might clutter the drop down.

      • drunkenninja

        That's actually a good idea, screw the clutter that function needs more attention, even a shortcut from there would do the trick.

        • Kysol

          There's a nice little area in the bottom right corner. I only suggested it as if I was trying to get more content posted I would try to make the tools as easy to access as possible. Although the Snap It bookmark was in a logical place, I had no clue it was there as I'd only explored the top levels of the Snapzu interface. TBH it took me a few minutes to find my Snap List as I thought it was a button on the top rather than hidden in the Account dropdown.