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What is Your Favorite Smash Bros Game?

Personally, I am a huge fan of Sm4sh. It has a ton of content and seems pretty balanced and fair. The characters are fun to play as and the game has a nice feel overall. Sure, combo options are limited and there isn't a lot of cool tech, but overall I have had the most fun with Smash 4 and can't wait to see what else lays down the line for DLC and the such.

3 years ago by Ewok007 with 6 comments

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  • Yeti89

    I would have to say my favorite in the series is Sm4sh. Having a portable version makes it almost impossible to put down. It has the best roster, gameplay, modes and online matches. A close second is Melee since that's the first one I got to get dive deep into. Many fun times were had.

  • Williamap7

    If I'm in my usual competitive mode I would easily say melee, but if I'm trying to just have fun with some friends it's easily smash4

  • Jello

    Melee I think will always reign as the most popular in the series. Sm4sh has done really well but I think that it will have a similar longevity to brawl, in that it is really popular when it first comes out but proves to have little staying power. Melee is just such a perfect example of a beautiful accident, the meta is just so deep and there is no endgame in sight. Don't get me wrong I like sm4sh, a lot, I just don't know how I will feel about it two years from now.

    • DJVee

      I feel the big advantage Sm4sh has over something like Brawl is that there is a lot of potential for DLC keeping the game fresh for a long time. I do agree in that it will likely fall to the wayside eventually, but it will be mitigated at least somewhat by consistent updates to content.

  • DJVee

    It's an incredibly close call between Sm4sh and Melee. There's so many things I enjoy about both, I don't know if I could say for certain which I would call my favorite over the other. I would say it depends on the situation. I will say that I am a bit better in Sm4sh than in Melee, though, haha.

  • Fathomite

    Melee, PM, and Sm4sh for me. PM is the only one that I'm competitive in atm tho. :)