Centaurs have two rib cages

from : thetoethumb

7 years ago by kEYLOAGS with 4 comments

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  • thepoleman1

    Kinda makes you wonder if they also have two hearts, four lungs, etc. Or is all that duplicate space just empty? What part gets the heart? The human or the horse part?

    ...Maybe I'm thinking too hard about the anatomy of a mythical creature.

    • frohawk

      You know, cows have four stomachs or stomach-like organs, and animals in general have redundancy in their various systems... Maybe for a creature like a centaur, some organs need to have redundancies for maximum efficiency? I can definitely see the use of two or more hearts to properly circulate all that blood. And maybe a couple of stomaches to handle the differently sourced nutrients needed for a horse body and human body/mind.

      I won't even touch the bone structure nightmare. I'm no fucking mythical creature doctor.

  • NinjaTurkey

    I had actually thought of this before and this is actually really weird to think about.

  • frohawk

    Ewwwww. But also, they either have two shoulders, or two hips.

    And I do not envy them all the food they have to eat with that relatively small mouth.