Just a quick question. What is this tribe's view on E-cigs and using them to quit smoking?

7 years ago by dgam with 2 comments

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  • clammysax

    I personally do not have one. I will hit my friends' e-cig every one in a blue moon. I have no interest in getting one myself. I feel like they are not a great way to stop smoking because you are still bringing a foreign chemical into your body. They aren't as bad as cigarettes, but the healthiest alternative is to let your lungs be. This is an article posted by /u/bradd that basically says we don't know enough about long term health from e-cigs to make a call. There have been a lot of studies, but many of them have been supported by an interested case, leading to heavy bias. It does say that they are helping people to quit smoking, though.

  • schrodingersman

    As a follow on comment with ecigs you never really break the habit of smoking. You just switch it out with a somewhat less hazardous alternative. I think they can work great to break people away from cigarettes, but they are not a long term solution. If you keep that habit their of puffing up every time you have a craving it is a whole lot easier to fall off of the wagon.