Welcome picrequest people, this is the right place for you!

6 years ago by m8gege with 4 comments

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  • Boudicca

    Hi there, I did some pic request stuff on reddit a while ago and really enjoyed it. How does this tribe work?

    • m8gege

      Hello, great you came. It`s basically the same as on reddit but with less people....

      • Boudicca

        lol I just read your TIFU....i guess that is one option off the table

      • Boudicca (edited 6 years ago)

        ha ha...a lot less, not that theres anything wrong with that... mmm do you have any ideas about how to let people know about the tribe and what can happen here? Ive only been on snapzu a couple of days and still finding my way around and learning. Is there any facility for a side bar to explain to people what to do if they would like a photo edited? i probably need to look around a bit more and see how things are done here