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[Discussion] What apps (if any) do you use to enhance your experience at the table?

For the longest time I was hesitant to use applications and computers at the table. I felt that it took away from the experience; however, the more things that become available, the more I am open to using them.

So, do you use apps at the table? What apps do you use and why do you like/use them?

3 years ago by monkeydude9393 with 5 comments

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  • RoastedRareByte

    There's a really cool role-playing game called Archive that specifically uses apps to play the game - no dice, no papers. Granted, it sort of removes a lot of things that make tabletop RPGs special, but I still think it's cool. We'll see how the kickstarter plays out.

    Otherwise, it really depends on the system (though dice rollers are beneficial for those systems that roll way too many dice). I also almost always like to play music to help immersion. In fact, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but one of my favorite resources is Tabletop Audio.

  • Rathenix

    I used a Surface and OneNote. It sounds silly, but I can draw maps, illustrate scenes, use scratch paper, make notes, plan encounters, literally everything with just my tablet and a pen. Plus, I can hook up to a TV or monitor and show my players things all while keeping the other things I've written visible to only me. It's incredibly useful and I can't imagine going back to gaming without it.

  • Wenjarich

    There's a cellphone Pathfinders app which gives access to all the core material (non-3rd party) and as far as I'm aware it works offline as well so you don't use a ton of data. It's called Masterwork tools.

    I have found it really useful as a means to quickly look something up on the fly as it has a great search functionality which saves a lot of time that might have been spent in the book.

  • Wenjarich

    So I have never used Roll20 before, but I recently went over there to take a look. It looks absolutely amazing! So of the stuff makes me wonder if it is worth trying to work out a means to use it in games that meet in person because some of what it offers has so much potential for streamlining the game experience.