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  • Current Event
    7 months ago
    by TNY
    +12 +1

    Five hurt in Mississauga explosion

    Five people sustained minor injuries after an explosion crumbled most of a strip mall in Mississauga Sunday. Emergency crews were called to a business at about 7:30 a.m. on the west side of Hurontario St., just north of Dundas St. One man was taken to hospital in serious, non-life threatening condition and two other men, a woman and a boy were treated at the scene for minor injuries, said Mississauga Fire Chief Tim Beckett.

  • Current Event
    6 months ago
    by wetwilly87
    +13 +1

    From ‘barely surviving’ to thriving: Ontario basic income recipients report less stress, better health

    Margie Goold, who suffers debilitating arthritis, bought a new walker. Lance Dingman, who lost his right leg to a chronic bone disease, is no longer running out of groceries by the middle of the month. Wendy Moore, who has been homeless for almost two years, is looking for an apartment. The three Hamilton residents are part of the first wave of participants in Ontario’s experiment with basic income, a monthly, no-strings-attached payment of up to $1,400 for people living in poverty. Those with disabilities receive an additional $500 a month.

  • Current Event
    6 months ago
    by zyery
    +17 +1

    Policing in Ontario takes 'a large step forward' with sweeping new law

    The provincial government passed legislation Thursday that rewrites the decades-old Police Act, enacting significant changes to police services, their boards and civilian police agencies.

  • Current Event
    6 months ago
    by geoleo
    +19 +1

    Teen cited over Instagram video showing him kill duck with golf club

    A 16-year-old boy suspected of fatally battering a duck with a golf club in an incident shared on social media was taken into custody and cited, police said Thursday. An animal cruelty investigation began Wednesday night after authorities were tipped off about a duck being abused by a young man at the Whispering Lakes Golf Course, according to an Ontario Police Department news release. Video showing the duck being hit with the club was posted on social media, according to the release. The duck’s remains were later found.

  • Current Event
    4 months ago
    by hxxp
    +10 +1

    Toronto restaurant ordered to pay $10,000 after asking black customers to prepay for their meal

    The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered a Chinese restaurant in downtown Toronto to pay a black man $10,000 as compensation for a rights violation after it required him and three black companions to prepay for their meals. In May, 2014, Emile Wickham went to Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant, a popular establishment just east of Toronto’s Chinatown, for a late-night birthday dinner with friends.

  • Current Event
    4 months ago
    by darvinhg
    +25 +1

    Georgia police officer handcuffs and jails woman for driving with a Canadian licence

    An Ontario woman is looking for an apology from the Georgia police officer who arrested, handcuffed and charged her because she was driving with a Canadian licence. "It was the most horrendous incident of my life," said Emily Nield. "It was mortifying. I was terrified the entire time." About a month ago, the 27-year-old was driving through Georgia to Tennessee, where she had just completed a master's degree in geology. Nield's route took her along the I-75, which is often used by Canadians making the trek to and from Florida.

  • Current Event
    3 months ago
    by zobo
    +3 +1

    Mother Arrested on Suspicion of Murder After Running Over Her 7-Month-Old Daughter: Ontario Police

    A mother was taken into police custody early Tuesday after she allegedly struck her boyfriend and their 7-month-old daughter with a car, injuring the father and killing the child. Sarah Gomez, 19,  was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, the Ontario Police Department tweeted. The incident happened on the driveway of a residence in the 500 block of West D Street around midnight, Sgt. Jeff Higbee said.