/t/tsis is alive!

The tribe's name is an acronym for "That's Some Interesting S---!". It's based on a subreddit of the same name that has seen better days.

Right now the definition for what is on or off-topic is a little fuzzy as the original tsis had listed "the future, the universe and consciousness" as some of its topics. To get an idea of what the tribe here could be about, here's some of the top-rated submitted links from the Reddit tsis:

If you know any stories or things like that to share, or if any of that sounds interesting, then please visit the tribe! /t/tsis

6 years ago by RusSwatKatsFan with 4 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Sounds good, I went ahead an joined it!

    • RusSwatKatsFan

      Thank you! :)

      • drunkenninja

        Just a heads up that if you come across any snaps that can fit into your new tribe be sure to mirror them!