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Meta discussion about the content of this tribe

When I discovered this tribe, I was excited to find a place where amateur/independent songwriters and musicians could share our work and get feedback on it.

However, looking at the content here there is actually very little of that, and instead it seems to mainly consist of news and blog articles about the corporate music industry. I'm a little disappointed in that to be honest.

I don't want to be presumptuous, but I think that it might be of benefit to help grow this tribe if the rules were enforced and content was actively removed when it doesn't jive with the stated purpose.

How-to's I think should be allowed, but post like Prince pulling his music from Spotify, or big name artists telling republicans to stop using their music, just don't seem relevant IMO.

I mean no offense by this... I just think that the stated intent of this tribe is something that I would LOVE to see come to fruition.

4 years ago by FistfulOfStars with 5 comments

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  • idlethreat

    Glad you posted. Didn't realize this Tribe even existed ;)

    I gotta agree with /u/DunkEgg. Go ahead and claim the tribe if you have the spare time. I'd try to contribute when possible.

    • FistfulOfStars (edited 4 years ago)

      I'm not sure I'm cut out for mutiny, I feel like a dick just thinking about stealing it from him...

      That being said, I think I may actually do it though. Or do you think it would be 'nicer' to just start my own tribe? /t/songwriters or something?