What's an album you can listen to from beginning to end without skipping, or stopping?

I have a couple myself. I listen to rock and some heavier stuff so my own choices would be NOFX's The War On Errorism, Sum 41's Does This Look Infected?, Killswitch Engage's Alive, Or Just Breathing, and Rise Against's The Sufferer and The Witness.

8 years ago by iansane138 with 10 comments

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  • wekjak (edited 8 years ago)

    Pretty much any album I listen to. That's sort of my benchmark for what I consider good music. If a musician can't entertain me for 40-70 minutes, then how good can they really be? Some examples (approx. chronological order):

    - The Times They Are a-Changin' by Bob Dylan
    - Freak Out! by The Mothers of Invention
    - Revolver by The Beatles
    - Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart
    - The Velvet Underground & Nico by The Velvet Underground
    - Obscured by Clouds by Pink Floyd
    - Tago Mago by Can
    - Dub Housing by Pere Ubu
    - Surfer Rosa by Pixies
    - Bleach by Nirvana
    - Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden
    - Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse
    - Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater
    - Feels by Animal Collective
    - Frances the Mute by The Mars Volta
    - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV by Coheed and Cambria
    - Crack the Skye by Mastodon
    - Roll the Bones by Shakey Graves
    - Strange Mercy by St. Vincent (What I'm listening to right now)
    - More Than Any Other Day by Ought
    - Zaba by Glass Animals

    Just to name a few.

    • trevortx

      Quite a few good albums there! I dig your taste in music.

  • LimitedMind

    Abbey Road - The Beatles. My favorite Beatles album.. And all the songs are basically a medely. To me, breaking it up would be impossible.

    There's Nothing Wrong With Love - Built to Spill.. This is just the perfect album

    I know that's 2, but hey... I'm terrible at following directions

  • panzer

    Illmatic is the definition of this, most of the songs on it are certified classics in their own right.

  • sixstorm (edited 8 years ago)

    John Mayer - Continuum
    Coldplay - Parachutes, X&Y
    Swedish House Mafia - Until Now

  • SuperFleek

    The one that really stands out to me is Hot Fuss by The Killers... This may be a sign I need to expand my horizons.

  • itchybut

    Dark Side of the Moon, Division Bell, Animals - Pink Floyd Blind Faith - Blind Faith 2112 - Rush CSN&Y - Deja Vu Harvest - Neil Young The Pretender - Jackson Browne there are more, but off the top of my head that's about it

  • trevortx

    Have you heard of The Smith Street Band? Seems like they'd be right up your alley, and their new album Throw Me in the River is amazing from start to finish. Give it a listen! Other albums I love from start to finish: Both Bad Books and Bad Books II, any Brand New or Kevin Devine album, Dustin Kensrue's latest album Carry the Fire, and many, many more.

  • jessdabess

    I tend to do this with most albums I listen to, but one of my favorites to do this with would be Somewhere at the bottom of the river between vega and altair by La Dispute